Seamless operation, unparalleled connectivity

Our commitment to operational excellence is at the forefront of connecting cities through the Delhi-Meerut RRTS corridor. Our operations services include the efficient management of RRTS trains, control centres, stations, and assets security.
We prioritise passenger safety, punctuality, and reliability, ensuring a high operational efficiency that leads to increased train frequency and capacity optimisation.
With a focus on delivering a better commuter experience, we are dedicated to meeting traffic demands, enhancing service reliability, and achieving a larger rake configuration for the long-term benefit of the rail network.

Operations services

Operations of Namo Bharat trains

DB RRTS is working on efficiently managing the movement and schedules of Namo Bharat trains to ensure punctuality and reliability for all our commuters.

DB RRTS is overseeing the Operation Control Centre and station operations for seamless coordination and passenger services.

We are working on implementing measures to safeguard critical assets and infrastructure for the security of the entire transit system.

At DB RRTS, we are ensuring smooth ticketing processes and fare collection services for an efficient and customer-friendly experience.